Welcome to the classy world of A-Lashes!  My name is Abby and I am a financial industry professional with a competing passion for fashion, art, and beauty.  As an artistic soul, creating is my passion. That passion, along with my love for make-up, inspired me to create A-lashes.  Make-up is a form of artistic expression, and A-lashes are a finishing touch to creating a facial masterpiece.  Eyes are my favourite feature; they hold so much emotion and tell life’s stories.  As a result they deserve to be accessorized and celebrated! Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.


“A” is associated with quality and perfection and every woman deserves quality that is best in class. Being raised in an African home where education has always been very important, there was always a huge emphasis on getting A’s. It was the ultimate end goal of every aspect of our lives, and it led to a bit of humor surrounding our fathers obsession with us “Ace-ing” life.  That drive has translated into my life as I challenge myself and other women to feel empowered to achieve a grade A in life. In life and learning, I strive to be the “Best in Class,” and in make-up, I strive to “Ace” the lash game with other ladies that strive to be the “Best in Classy”!